With our entertaining selfie photobooth you will bring completely new dimension to your event. Thanks to its unique RETRO / VINTAGE design it will fit to all kinds of occasions, where it helps to make your moments more special. It can handle it thanks to the large variety of thematic properties, which suits for different situations and are included within renting our amusing photobooth. That’s how all the generation will entertain, young and also those born earlier will take the unique memories from your event with them. Although it’s called a retro booth, inside there are hidden the latest technologies. With them your photos will have the first-class look and will be printed lightning-fast immediately and in less than 8 seconds. Every guest can take photos with him and will gain an unforgetable memory of your event. With one touch you can send taken photos to your e-mail, or alterantively by using QR scan download them to your mobile and share them among your frineds on social networks.

The unique RETRO / VINTAGE design at Slovak market, which will be the perfect addition to your event.

The best selection of thematic props which we can customize exactly to your event. Also we can set a photo background according your ideas.

The latest Technologies will provide superb and fast printing within 8 seconds and your guests will have unique memories in their hands in a moment.

Original promotion right on your printed photo where you can place your company brand. In the case of having a private event (wedding, ball ...) we can create a unique graphic design according to your wishes.



For that your special day will make you and your guests happy and also they can prepare for you a special gift in a form of GUESTBOOK or they can simply take away unique memories from your Big Day with them.


Proof of adulthood is awaiting you, but today you will first-class entertain yourself thank to our amusing photobooth, which would be beloved not only by you, but also by your family or teachers.


Also from your own event your guests can take an exlcusive memory in form of printed photo (corporate events, balls, dance ceremonies, Christmas events, New Year’s openings, Birthday’s parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations …)




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